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Wellness Factors

Being in good health isn’t about doing any one thing, but having a balanced overall approach to wellness. This means keeping the body as healthy as it can be by giving it what it needs and avoiding the things that it doesn’t. It means maintaining an environment that is as free as it can be of toxins and learning tools to keep us free of mental and emotional toxicity as well. This is done in part by learning to have a more positive, supportive, and loving relationship with ourselves. In the journey of living with ALS and life in general we will need a lot of help from others, but being able to count yourself as good company is what is most important.

In this section I discuss many of the areas that have helped me to be as healthy as I can be physically, mentally, and emotionally during this journey of living with ALS. In sharing them with you I hope you find some information and inspiration to help you in your own journey. 

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