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No single supplement alone will cure or even stop the progression of ALS at this time, that I have found least. Being as healthy as possible is about having a combination of supplements that support the body in various ways, and I have spent a lot of time finding supplements that address issues caused by ALS and support the body in general. While I make no promises about what they may do for you, it is my belief that some of these supplements have helped me to slow down the progression of ALS.

The supplements in this section aren't a protocol in which you try every single one, but are meant to give ideas about what may work for you. Keep in mind that I do not have a medical background and information in this section is not medical advice. I'm simply creating a list of what has helped me, and I trust you to use your own intuition and guidance and to do your own research in deciding whether or not something is right for you.


Where do I get my supplements?

I order the vast majority of my supplements from Amazon for a few reasons. First of all and perhaps most importantly, I find the prices to be far better than in any store. Purchasing supplements in this way is not only convenient but it allows me to compare ingredients and to look at customer reviews in order to make an educated decision about which option is best for me. In addition, If you have an Amazon Prime membership the shipping is free!

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